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711719541028 – Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console

by Soban

As Sony says “The Play has no limits” and the new 711719541028 Sony PlayStation 5 video game console is top of the line gaming console of 2022. The new Model of PS5 711719541028 console is currently available in the market worldwide. But due to lack of supply of gaming consoles in the United states, World wide supply was put on hold for some time. PS5  has earned its place in the gaming world. 

The release date for the new gaming beast PS5 711719541028 console has been announced by the manufacturer. We have received some common queries about Sony PlayStation 5 after the hype and here we are to answer those. Let’s get started.

What are the specs of PS5 711719541028?

The PS5 711719541028 console comes with top of the line specs. The specs are:


• Octa-core AMD Zen 2 based CPU with 3.5GHz clock speed

• 16 GB GDDR6 Ram

• 825 GB NVMe SSD

Sony doesn’t joke around when it comes to specs. This new PS5 711719541028 can push resolution to 8K but we will have to wait for a new firmware update for this to happen. It comes with 667.2GB of usable storage and 16 games already installed from which 2 are PS5 games and the rest are PS4 games.

 Although the storage is upgradeable because Sony provides an empty slot for 2nd SSD under the plastic hood. You just need to pop the hood and you will see an empty slot for 2nd SSD. Install your 2nd SSD in that slot and you are good to go.

What are the features of PS5 711719541028?

Looking at the older consoles of Sony, PS5 711719541028 delivers everything

Redesigned Interface

PlayStation Buttons

Party Chat allows screen share

Holding the PlayStation button brings out a new Control Center which operates just like the old quick menu but better. It Shows your friend list, download in progress, notification and your linked accounts if you have any.

Another feature that PS5 711719541028 includes and this one is one of the prominent ones is Cards. They serve a variety of purposes that let you monitor your prize progress, challenges, track game progress or see news and promotions from developers.

Gaming consoles can do more than just being your play things. You can stream your favorite video services and apps. The new PS5 711719541028 has some of the major streaming services.

Another feature of PS5 711719541028 is that it has limited backward compatibility with PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS one. Sony is even providing a library of PS4 games for free to PS5 subscribers. It already has Astro’s playhouse set up.

How Much Does the Sony PlayStation 5 (711719541028) cost?

Sony PlayStation 711719541028 is the best console ever built. That’s the reason for this new PlayStation console to be in great demand. 

Its price varies from country to country. These two factors are the reason why it hasn’t spread over the globe yet. The PS5 is a fantastic piece of hardware that is not easy to get due to its high demand but it costs you around $400-900$ in the United States depending on which state you are in. But you can get it easily at a reasonable price from ecommerce websites.

How Much Does The Sony PlayStation 5 Cost?

Sony PlayStation 5 is a 4k gaming beast and is very affordable but it comes with some hidden costs. The PS5 package includes a dual sensor wireless controller along with a console and cable.

 Each controller costs around $900 and if you need 2 controllers then you will have to pay $1800. The PlayStation 5 charging station for remote can charge both at once and costs $34 on the market.

PS5 711719541028 – Is it worth buying?

The gaming world is full of better and better options and the PS5 console is among the best but the question arises if it is worth buying keeping in mind other options available? Gaming PCs are on the top when it comes to gaming and are widely preferred by gamers.

 Nowadays gamers have a wide variety of gaming beasts to choose from. So the question arises which one to buy keeping in mind their pros and cons.

Both PS5 and Gaming PCs give you pleasure of playing top of the line games with ease but PS5 can not be upgraded whereas gaming PCs can be upgraded according to your needs.

PS5 711719541028 is not flexible like gaming PCs but it is still worth it because this gaming machine will hold up for at least 5 years and it’s not as expensive as gaming PCs.

 PS5 711719541028 will provide you with top of the line features to make your gaming experience even more pleasurable. Some of these features include 3D audio, 8K resolution, Adaptive triggers, 120Hz display support and many more.

Keeping in mind everything that we discussed, PS5 711719541028 is providing you every feature and specs of a gaming PC but is costing you way less with no flexibility to upgrade your machine like gaming PCs. Gaming PCs are expensive to build and upgrade unlike the 711719541028 console . So the PS5 711719541028 console is a much better option and worth the cost.


There is no doubt that 711719541028 Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console is the best video game console in the market and is totally worth the price you are paying. It has top of the line specs and features and will support 8K resolution very soon. We reached to the conclusion that it is wise to choose this new 711719541028 Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console over other video game consoles and gaming PCs.

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