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Everything You Need to Know About Y2mate.com

by Soban
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Y2mate.com is a free website which allows you to download YouTube videos. It also allows you to convert YouTube videos to different formats before downloading. 

Everyone is searching for some app or some website to download YouTube videos. There are many popular apps that provide the feature to download videos. But they lack the feature of downloading YouTube features in mp3 form.

YouTube is very popular nowadays. Almost everyone knows of YouTube and uses it on a daily basis. But YouTube lacks one feature in its free version that it does not allow downloading of videos. This feature is only available in the premium subscription of YouTube. Even in the premium subscription you cannot download videos in mp3 format. 

Features of Y2mate.com

Y2mate provides a number of options while you are downloading a YouTube video. It allows you to download YouTube videos in different formats. The formats available are MP4 , MP3 , 3GP , M4A , AVI , FLV etc. 

It also provides different video quality options. One thing about this website is that it does not compromise on quality. The highest video quality available on YouTube is also available on this website to download. You will get all the video quality options from 144p up to 4K. You can download according to your preference.

The most popular feature of Y2mate.com is its mp3 converter. You can convert any YouTube video into mp3. This saves you from all the hustle to get a separate app to convert your videos into mp3 format.

How to use Y2mate.com ?

Using Y2mate.com is very simple. First just go to YouTube and open the video that you want to download. After opening the video copy the URL of the video. 

Go to Y2mate.com and paste the link in the search box there. All the available video qualities will be shown there. Choose your required video quality and the download will start automatically.

If you want the MP3 format of the video go to the MP3 Converter section on Y2mate.com and paste the video link there. Y2mate Mp3 will automatically convert the video into MP3 and give the download option. When you click on download the Y2mate Mp3 downloader will download the MP3 format of the video.

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Most Useful Feature of Y2mate.com

There is one feature of Y2mate.com that is the most useful of all. But most of the people do know about this feature. This is a time saving feature.

In this feature you just have to open YouTube. Open the video you want to download. In the address bar after YouTube write PP and press enter. You will be automatically redirected to the download page of Y2mate video downloader. From this page you can simply click download and that’s all. 

Is Y2mate.com safe?

All these useful features but Is Y2mate.com a secure website? This is the real question here. There are many websites that are full of malware and pop-up ads. You will not know which one is the authentic download button. When you click on download a random malware app will start downloading. 

Yes, Y2mate com is also one of these websites. It’s full of spam ads and malware. It will continuously give you pop-up ads and redirect you to new webpages. It also asks for notification permission.

How to use Y2mate downloader safely?

This website is full of threats and you should use this website with precautions. 

There is one way with which you can use this website without any threat.

In order to use Y2mate.com safely, you should use it on Chrome web browser. In chrome you can add any extension from the store. Just go to the store and add the extension of “Ad Block”.

Just make sure that this extension is active all the time and you are good to go. Once this extension is enabled you can use this website without any threat or attack of malware. 

Conclusion: Should you use it or not?

There is no doubt that Y2mate.com is a great website with respect to the features that it provides. You will get all the useful features that you will need for YouTube video downloading.

If you cannot use this website with precautions like ad-block , you should not use it.

If you can be precautious and use this website carefully you should probably use it. There is no other website that can provide all these features and can be this fast.

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