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How many Shrek movies are there ?

by Soban
How many Shrek movies are there

After the 2001 debut of “Shrek”, fairy tales were never the same again. Part of the fantasy children’s novel of the same name by William Steig from 1990 served as the inspiration for the movie-turned-franchise. The question is How many Shrek movies are there?

The Shrek series is still fantastic for more than 20 years. After the globe first fell in love with the good-hearted green ogre.

The story of Shrek, a green-skinned, fire-breathing monster, is told in the movie “Shrek!”. He escapes his boyhood swamp, explores the world, and weds a hideous princess. But this is not nearly the story that DreamWorks moviegoers are familiar with.

Very few people can resist the irritated earnestness of Mike Myers’ well-known character Shrek. Since the character is so well-known, it’s simple to forget how many Shrek movies have been produced and how many Shrek movies are there. Dream works has put out 4 Shrek movies and there are rumors that Shrek 5 is now in pre-production.


The green ogre has a tranquil life in Shrek’s 2001 premiere, which is based on the same-titled storybook by William Steig published in 1990. But when exiled fairy tale creatures invade and take over his happy swamp existence. The Shrek is determined to drive them off his property.

The Shrek embarks on a journey with a talking donkey to track down the evil Lord Farquaad and reclaim his swamp, after learning that they have been banished by him.

Shrek 2

King and Queen of the land of Far Far Away are visited by The Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey in the 2004 sequel to meet Fiona’s parents. Then to thwart the Fairy Godmother’s plan Donkey, Shrek, and Donkey must unite with Puss in Boots to end the marriage between Shrek and Fiona.

Prince Charming shows up in the meantime and Shrek discovers that Princess Fiona once had a crush on him.

Shrek the Third

The politics of the kingdom, specifically King Harold’s throne, are the focus of the sequel trilogy of the Shrek series. Shrek and Fiona inherit the Far Far Away throne. After King Harold dies in the opening scene of this 2007 film. 

Shrek, who believes he is unworthy to govern, searches for a new heir and finally convinces Fiona’s 16-year-old cousin Arthur (Justin Timberlake) to take the throne in his place. Moreover, Prince Charming is preparing to take the kingdom and avenge the death of his mother at the same time.

Shrek Forever After

The fourth movie in the franchise, which came out in 2010, shows Shrek juggling his personal life and fatherhood. He yearns to return to his carefree days as an untamed, feared ogre.

At the same time, Rumpelstiltskin, a villain with ulterior goals, makes an appearance and connives to have the crisis-ridden. Helpless Shrek vanishes from existence. Shrek is subsequently banished into a depressing parallel reality. A strange historical period where Rumpelstiltskin rules the realm.

After answering how many Shrek movies are there. Here is a bonus update on the upcoming Shrek 5 movie.

Has ‘Shrek 5’ been canceled?

The Hollywood Reporter claims that a fifth Shrek film was announced for release in 2016.

In 2018, it was announced that the producer and CEO of Illumination would help revive the franchise after DreamWorks was bought by Comcast. Melendandri said in an interview with Variety he would like to bring back the original voice cast.

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