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Is Cavetown Trans? All You Need to Know

by Soban
Is Cavetown Trans?

Robin Daniel Skinner is professionally known as Cavetown. He is a multi-talented guy. But is Cavetown Trans?

Cavetown is an English singer and record producer. He is also a Youtuber. His Youtube channel has more than 2 million subscribers. He is mainly known for singing. He has millions of fans. As of now, in the last month he amassed more than 8.1 million monthly streamers on Spotify. On his Youtube channel he has hundreds of million views. 

He is an indie artist. He works independently and uploads his songs. The genre of his songs is mostly Indie pop and Indie rock. He also uploads some bedroom pop. 

Journey of Cavetown to Success

Cavetown started by making instrumental covers of popular songs. His skills were incredible. He gained a massive popularity by making these covers and by displaying his skills. He became extremely popular by 2010.

Then he started making his own music. This was a great success. He had already gained a huge audience before making his own music. Die hard fans of his covers also became fans of his own music.

Cavetown’s Music : A helping Hand

Mental health problems are very common now. 21% of US adults are suffering from mental health disorders. This means that 1 out of 5 adults is a victim of mental health problems. The music of cavetown provided support to such people. His music focuses on these issues and acts as a helping hand. 

The lyrics of his songs are something that makes its way directly to your heart. Youth is his targeted audience and he cares about them. The reason for his massive success is also due to this fact. At first, Cavetown started making music to deal with his own psychological problems. But later it became helpful to other adults that were suffering from the same psychological disorders. 

Someone who himself has gone through all the trauma can understand the difficulty other people are going through.

So in his songs he tries to help other people by giving them comfort. The honesty and simplicity in his lyrics with which he tries to speak about the troublesome things of other people is the reason for his massive success. 

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Cavetown getting Bashed by public

Cavetown was very popular among teenagers. At the same time he was criticized oftenly for using dirty slangs. He was marked as racist. His lyrics can be often triggering to some people. 

In one of his songs he used the word tranny. This offended many people and he was bashed by the public.  People started calling him racist. People thought that he was targeting a certain community. Anyone will find it triggering when someone uses slang from a sensitive community.

We all know that trangender is not a topic that we can make fun of or use without any context in songs.

Further when Cavetown posted about transgenders on twitter it was not very soothing for the audience. Even the transgenders got offended by his views.

Is Cavetown Trans? Did anyone think about it?

After all the accusations and hate by the audience no one gave it a thought that is Cavetown trans ?. It did not come to anyone’s mind. How can anyone think that a person who is seen dating both boys and girls can be a trasngender. 

Cavetown revealing the truth himself 

Is Cavetown trans?. After all the accusations on Cavetown about being racist. In 2020, Cavetown came forward and revealed the truth. He told everyone about his asexuality. People who have lack of interest in sexual activities are asexaul. And he revealed the truth without any hesitation. 

Cavetown himself answered the question: Is Cavetown trans?. He told everyone that he is trans.

Cavetown also cleared the misconception that why he used the slang tranny in his song. He said that he would never had used that slang if he himself was not a trangender. He apologized to everyone that if he had hurt the sentiments of anyone. 

It was brave. Not everyone can come forward and reveal something that is so personal. 

Reaction of the Audience

Most of the people were satisfied by his justification to the rising question Is Cavetown trans?. They praised him well for telling the truth and being honest. Being honest is something he is known for now. His songs are also based on this fact.

But some people still criticized him for how he can be a trans. Because in the past he was seen dating girls and boys. But the thing is that sometimes it takes time to discover your identity. There is nothing wrong if he took time to figure things out. We can discover our taste just by trying out different things. 

Final Verdict

The answer to the question Is Cavetown trans? is that yes he is a trans. Cavetown revealed the truth himself..

Cavetown is a very good singer. He is a singer of his own kind. His songs are a source of relief for many people.

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