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OfflineTV: Everything You Need To Know

by Soban

OfflineTV, also known as OTV, is a Los Angeles, California-based collective of internet social entertainment content producers. They create a variety of content, including prank videos, vlogs, and videos of the housemates having fun together. The group continues to have a sizable social media following. They are one of the most popular content creation organizations. They have millions of fans. 

Origin of OfflineTV

Scarra and Pokimane are the co-founders of OfflineTV. It was founded in 2017 by Scarra, his manager Chris Chan and Pokimane. Before forming this organization Scarra tried to create a content house but he failed. So later he created this organization. At the time of creation, it had only four members which were Scarra, Pokimane, Chris Chan, and Based Yoona. 

According to Scarra, the idea behind the origin of OTV was just that he desired to live with his friends. He yearned to operate with others and create interesting things with them. Scarra and his manager started this idea.

Chris Chan was in the management department. He left OTV in 2018 in order to prioritize his family and other projects. Based Yoona who was a content creator on OTV also departed in 2018. 

OfflineTV Members

OfflineTV was formed in 2017. Since then many members have taken in and many of them left.

Scarra, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and LilyPichu are the OG members of OTV. They have been in this organization since 2017.

Yvonnie joined the content organization in 2018. She is still in OTV and is the manager of the content house. Micheal Reeves joined the organization in 2019 as a content creator. He is also dating LilyPichu, who is also a member of this organization. 

Brodin Plett joined in 2020. He is the director and producer of OTV content. 

Sydeon, Masayoshi, and QuarterJade are the most recent in-takes of the content house. They all joined as content creators. These all are the current members of OTV. 

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OfflineTV YouTube Channels

The main channel of this content organization is named OfflineTV. This channel has 3.02 Million subscribers as of now. They have more than 530 million views on this channel. All the pranks, vlogs, unboxings, and challenge videos are uploaded on this channel. This channel has the most subscribers among all the OTV channels. 

Other YouTube channels of this organization are:

1. OfflineTV Podcast

2. OfflineTV Podcast Clips

3. OfflineTV & Friends 

4. OfflineTV & Friends

All the members also have their respective channels.

OfflineTV Merch

The OfflineTV merch is very popular among their fans. Their fans are always waiting for the new drop. The content organization has been releasing merch since 2018. Their merch is one of the most demanded merchandise. Every year they release some very cool stuff. All this stuff is the exclusive Offline TV merch.

OfflineTV merch has posters, hoodies, crewnecks, tees, accessories, and many more things. Out of all the collections, their apparel is the most popular. Their merchandise has been a huge success since they were released. 

OfflineTV Reddit

Users can see and share links or text postings on the website Reddit for the interest of other users. These posts include news articles, debate threads, photographs, and videos. Reddit, one of the most well-known websites in the world with hundreds of millions of members, has served as a platform for the most recent news and trends.

The official OfflineTV Reddit is very popular. Their subreddit has 345k members. The OfflineTV Reddit is full of fan arts, memes, random pictures of the members, funny clips from the streams of the members, and many more. 

OfflineTV reddit is full of fun. Their fans are always trolling them. OfflineTV reddit is a good platform to interact with your followers. It also has some negative people. But these kinds of people are present everywhere.

Why did OfflineTV kick Fed? 

Fedmyster, also known as Federico Michael Gaytan, is a popular American Twitch streamer and YouTuber.In June 2017, Fed, a video editor, accepted an invitation to become an editor for the OTV. Fed continued to produce numerous videos on OfflineTV, bringing in millions of views for the network. He gained popularity among the OTV fan base and started broadcasting in January 2018 and was shortly formally recognized as OfflineTV talent.

Fed was fired from OfflineTV in June 2020 as a result of claims of sexual misconduct. Former employee Fed was accused of sexual misconduct by Yvonnie and LilyPichu. Fed, according to Yvonnie, entered her room on two separate occasions while intoxicated and without permission, sat down on her bed, and started groping her improperly.

Furthermore, according to LilyPichu, he would barge into her room without her permission and make unwanted advances. Over six OfflineTV friends shared their accounts of his inappropriate or deceptive behavior.

Is OfflineTV disbanded? 

A piece of news circulated on social media that OfflineTV will be disbanded. Everyone will leave the organization. But all of this turned out to be just fake news. It was confirmed by OTV themselves that nothing like this is happening.

OfflineTV is actually going to stop using the collaboration area soon, according to LilyPichu.

The streamer claims that group members Michael Reeves, Yvonne, Scarra, Disguised Toast, and Disguised Toast will all leave the group and live alone.

But nothing like this has happened till now. They are still living together.

Why is OfflineTV so popular?

The team works well together. They seem destined to be together in some way. Their ensemble is bursting with skill, good vibes, and memes.

One of the most renowned team projects in the YouTube gaming community is Offline TV. Offline TV has gained more than 3.02 million subscribers on the group’s collective YouTube account, despite the fact that the names linked with the channel have changed since the group’s founding.

The OfflineTV cast resides in a huge house. Everyone is able to collaborate effectively to create video content for the channel in this way. The majority of Offline TV videos provide viewers the chance to watch their favorite streamers and artists interact in a fun setting. In light of this, the content is often focused on enjoyable activities.

OfflineTV has also been nominated for Best Content Organization in The Streamer Awards.

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