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Pornography Addiction Is there hope ?

by Soban
Pornography Addiction Is there hope

We all are aware of pornography. Many people get vulnerable to adult content at an early age. Nowadays everyone has access to the internet. The Internet is full of things of all sorts. It’s up to the person using the internet what kind of things he wants to see. If you also have a question in mind about pornography addiction is there hope? You will get your answer.

What is pornography?

Pornography is printed or visual material displaying sexual activities. It is intended to stimulate sexual excitement. Its primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. 

It is not illegal to have, watch or share pornography. Only some pornography is illegal. 

‘XXX’ is used oftenly to represent pornographic material. 

How do we get vulnerable to porn?

In this modern world, everyone has access to the internet. As we use the internet we discover new things. The Internet is something that has no limits. It gets deep and deep once you start using it. 

Once you are on the internet you will see new things every day. We also discover porn on the internet just like that. It mostly happens when you hit puberty. This is when you start to have sexual urges. Your sexual urges make you discover explicit things. If you are in the process of discovering something on the internet you will eventually find it.

All this adult content and porn are present on the internet. One day you will eventually come across this. 

Pornography can be accessed by anyone and anywhere. It is legal in most countries. Somehow it is banned in some countries. But still, you can access porn using a VPN from these countries.

Is Pornography addiction a real thing?

Addiction can be defined as not having over yourself in doing, taking, or using something. It goes to the point where this could be harmful to you. Addiction to anything is bad. It may appear to you that it is not harmful. But in the long run, it will be harmful to you.

Pornography addiction is also a real thing. You can get addicted to watching porn. All of this happens due to your sex urges. It is a natural process to have sexual urges and get horny. It is also not bad to watch porn now and then. But it gets harmful when you get addicted to it. 

There is nothing to worry about if you have a pornography addiction. Nearly about 5-8% of the adult population is suffering from porn addiction. People addicted to porn spend almost 11-12 hours per week just watching porn. 

People may think or tell you that it is not a real thing. But it is a real thing. It is an arising issue in the modern world. 40 million American people visit pornography websites regularly. It is all due to the ease of access to porn on the internet. 

Side Effects of Pornography Addiction 

Anything you are addicted to will affect your personal as well as professional life. People having pornography addiction admit that it hurts their personal relationships. Many other conditions including anxiety, depression, and sex addiction co-occur with this pornography addiction. 

Pornography addiction can affect your relationship with your partner. It can also affect your satisfaction with sex. Pornography addiction has an adverse effect on your mental health. 

Pornography addiction can also disturb your social and professional life. As you will have frequent urges to watch porn. 

Pornography addiction Is there any hope?

If you are also looking for an answer to the question then you will be happy to know that there is a lot of hope. All kinds of addictions can be cured. Pornography addiction is not that severe. 

You can do this by yourself. You can take a break from social media. Make yourself distant from the internet. You should surround yourself with people that give you positive energy. Your friends can help you to distract. Take interest in your work. If you are in a relationship you can share this situation with your partner. 

Most people addicted to porn are reluctant to seek help because of the shame associated with their problem. But there is no shame in seeking help. If you cannot cure your addiction yourself you should seek help from professionals. Therapy is the best way to cure this addiction. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is one of the best solutions. It can reduce your porn-watching addiction by 92%. 

If you want to get rid of this addiction all you need to do is to be dedicated. With dedication, you can overcome anything. 


Pornography addiction is a real thing. You should not neglect it. It can have many adverse effects on your mental health and personal life. Pornography addiction Is there any hope? Yes, you can overcome this problem very easily. All you need to do is accept the situation and show your dedication.

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