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Top 15 Voodoo Movies Of All Time

by Soban
Voodoo Movies

Voodoo movies fascinate a large audience. Voodoo movies are known for sorcery and possession. 

There is a vast community that is crazy about Voodoo movies. You are one of them. There are hundreds and thousands of Voodoo movies. But we have shortlisted it to the top 15 Voodoo movies for die-hard fans of the horror genre.

Here is the list of the top 15 Voodoo movies with their brief reviews.

1. The Conjuring

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, The Conjuring comes at No 1. How can we skip this movie when it comes to the combo of thrill and horror. It packs all the ingredients for a perfect voodoo movie. If you want the proper Voodoo vibe The Conjuring is your answer. It was a huge hit in the US.

Its out-of-the-ordinary storyline is the reason behind the success of this movie. It gives its viewers a feeling of dread and fear.

 The story of Ed and Lorraine serves as its inspiration. Who actually investigated the paranormal in the US. This movie revolves around a family who just moved to their new farmhouse. Which is possessed by a very powerful demon. They seek help from Ed and Lorraine when things get out of hand.

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2. Annabelle

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, Annabelle comes at No 2. It is a supernatural movie full of trauma. This movie received negative reviews from the critics but it was a huge success.

In this movie, an old doll was used as a channel by an evil demon. Sometimes demons attach themselves to an inanimate object. This is what happened in this Voodoo movie.

 A family bought this doll for their little girl but she dies and that’s when they experience supernatural activities. This movie is full of paranormal activities.

 They even tried to get rid of the doll. The doll reappeared at their new house in a box. The demon was here to stay. This is a perfect Voodoo movie you can watch with your family.

3. The Exorcist 

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, The Exorcist comes at No 3. It is an old movie from 1973 but was a cinematographic milestone of that time. You don’t get a feeling for a moment that you are watching a movie from the 1970s. It is still one of the best Voodoo movies irrespective of the time when it was released 

This Voodoo movie was a success also because of its unprecedented sensory attack on its viewers. People thought that they could relate to this movie. It is not a Voodoo movie that anyone feels comfortable watching before going to sleep.

This movie is based on a true story. In this Voodoo movie, an 11-year-old girl gets possessed by the worst kind of demon. Two priests died performing the exorcism. You will very much like this voodoo movie.

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4. Child’s Play

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, Child’s Play comes at No 4. In this movie, a mother buys his son a doll. But that doll was possessed by the spirit of a serial killer named Chucky.

The scandalous serial killer escaped death by performing a Voodoo ritual and transferring his soul into a doll. The child who got the doll as a gift became the first victim of the serial killer and then never let go of him. Child’s play is a movie franchise with a complete storyline. This voodoo movie is worth watching.

This Voodoo movie was a huge box office success and became one of the most fav movies of the horror genre community.

5. Sinister

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, Sinister comes at No 5. This movie is all about an ancient demon from the books who likes to take control of children. And then use them to murder their whole family. After that, he takes the child to his world to cage for eternity.

In this voodoo movie, a writer moves into a new house with his family to write about a series of family murders taking place over the city. Little did they know that this job had an evil tenant. He realizes his mistake when things take a dark and harrowing turn.

This Voodoo movie is full of thrill and horror. The movie is full of dramatic reveals and creepy film angles. Jump scares are something that you can expect at any time. This Voodoo movie is something that you can call a perfect nightmare. The jump scares in this Voodoo movie are perfectly timed.

Broadband Times gave it the title of scariest Voodoo movie.

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6. Insidious

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies Insidious comes at No 6. There are four films in the franchise and each chapter is worth watching. In this movie, a couple with their son and daughter moves to a new house when things start to go wrong.

Their son went into a coma. This is when the paranormal activities started. They moved to a new house to get rid of those paranormal activities. But even in the new house, the supernatural activities continued.

 Father came to know that their son is doing astral travel unwillingly. This time he has traveled far and is not able to come back. This happened to the father when he was little. They seek the help of an expert astral traveler. The only way to save their son was that his father goes to the other side and rescue his son.

This Voodoo movie is worth watching. It is full of suspense and thrill.

7. Ouija: Origin of Evil

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies Ouija: Origin of Evil comes at No 7. We all must have heard of Ouija boards. The Ouija board is used to communicate with spirits and demons. We all must have once thought of using an Ouija board. But after watching this movie you would rather not.

In this movie, a widow and her daughters help other people by using Ouija boards. They help other people to move on and tell them their fortune. But the youngest daughter gets possessed by a spirit. 

At first, they thought that they were in contact with their father and husband of the widow. But it was not their father. It was an evil spirit that they thought was their father. This is when the demon unleashes on them. 

The story builds up frequently in this Voodoo movie. This is not a Voodoo movie that you get bored while watching.

8. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, The Exorcism of Emily Rose comes at No 8. Exorcism is the removal of evil spirits or demons from a place or some person. This Voodoo movie is a bit depressing but still gripping. It is one of the true story-based voodoo movies. You will not be able to skip this movie once it starts. 

The screenplay of this Voodoo movie is terrifying, depressing, and interesting at the same time.

In this movie a Father named Moore tries to perform an exorcism on a young girl Emily Rose who was 19 years old. After a few days of exorcism, the girl dies. The Father was arrested on the suspicion of the murder of the young girl Emily Rose. The trial begins. This Voodoo movie is based on the flashbacks of the priest during the trial.

9. It

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, It comes at No 9. It is a thriller and horror movie. This Voodoo movie is based on a novel named ‘It’. 

Many people are scared of clowns. The concept of clowns is very old. Almost all of us are aware of clowns. Most kids are terrified of clowns. This movie is also based on an intergalactic demonic entity that feeds on kids. It took the shape of a clown. The clown in this Voodoo movie is named ‘Pennywise’.

In this Voodoo movie, a town named ‘Barren’ encounters several clown attacks. The evil clown lives in a sewer. Firstly a little boy whose paper boat fell in the sewer gets attacked by the evil clown. Several other kids also encountered the demonly tactics of the clown. These kids had a terrifying encounter with the clown. These 7 kids unite to fight and get rid of the clown.

10. The Possession of Michael King

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, The Possession of Michael King comes at No 10. This Voodoo movie was not a big hit. But it’s worth watching. 

In this Voodoo movie, Michael King is the main lead. He does not believe in religion or evil spirits. His wife dies mysteriously. After the death of his wife, he started making a film to disprove the reality of demons and evil spirits. He made himself vulnerable to the evil spirits. But this is when things took a turn. 

He started to observe paranormal activities. He got possessed by an evil spirit. The evil spirit took complete control over him. He tried to get rid of it but how is it possible that you call an evil spirit and he will let you live in harmony. He even tried to kill himself but the demon wouldn’t let him do this and get free.

This Voodoo movie offers a completely different horrific experience. 

11. Veronica 

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, Veronica comes at No 11. This Voodoo movie was also criticized by critics. But this Voodoo movie was liked greatly by the audience. This movie is in Spanish. If you can bear the different language and watch with subtitles this movie is worth the watch.

 This movie also contains the horrific experience of using an Ouija board. In this movie, a teenage girl could not get over the death of her father. She tries to talk to her father along with her friends in school during the solar eclipse. 

The Ouija session did not go right. Something went wrong with the girl veronica. She could feel the presence of the ghost in her house. The demonic activities continued and started occurring frequently. She tried to get rid of the ghosts to protect her younger siblings. But everything went wrong and the intensity of ghosts and their demonic activity went out of control.

12. Mirror 

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, Mirror comes at No 12.

In this Voodoo movie, NYPD detective Ben Carson retires after killing a man in a shooting. And He could not even save his marriage after this event. He starts living with his sister named Angie. He gets hired as a night watcher of the remains of a store that was destroyed in a fire. 

After some time he starts seeing weird images in the mirrors in the abandoned store. No one believes him due to his drinking habit. 

These paranormal activities continued to happen.

These evil activities followed him to his house and one day his sister Angie was found dead in the bathtub in the apartment. This is when he realized that these demons are jeopardizing his family.

13. Mama

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, Mama comes at No 13. It is quite an interesting Voodoo movie with several plot twists.

In this Voodoo movie, a man going bankrupt goes insane and kills his colleagues and wife. Then he abducts his daughters. When those two daughters are found after 5 years their uncle adopts them. Those girls move into their uncle’s house. 

The paranormal and suspicious activities start to take place in the house. Later it was found that a supernatural evil force had attached itself to the girls. This evil demon was named ‘Mama’. This demonic and evil creature was responsible for all the paranormal activities.

14. The Grudge

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, The Grudge comes at No 14. The Grudge came out in the early 2000s. It was a Voodoo movie of its own kind.

Grudge means the curse that comes to life after the death of someone due to extreme grieving. This curse can be everlasting and make the life of several generations terrific. It passes down from generation to generation.

In this Voodoo movie, an American nurse moves to Tokyo where she starts observing paranormal activities. She tries to stop the curse. But this was where things escalated. She was running out of time because she was the next victim of this curse.

15. Oculus

In our list of top 15 Voodoo movies, Oculus comes at No 15. Oculus is one of the best Voodoo movies ever made. What made this movie so special was the frequent buildup of the story. The story is revealed at the end when all the pieces of the puzzles are put together.

In this Voodoo movie, a man kills his wife. It was believed that after this his son Tim killed his father. Tim was sent to the mental asylum. After the Tim was released from the asylum his sister Kaylie approached him. She told him that they need to destroy an ancient mirror which was the cause of all this. They stole that mirror. 

Tim starts having a fragmented recollection of his childhood when his father killed his mother. In the mirror, Tim and Kaylie saw a woman with their father. They came to know that all the tragedies and terrifying happenings were due to the demonic mirror. So they decided to destroy the mirror.

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