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Whitney Scott Mathers – Eminem’s Daughter Biography

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Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers was born on April 16, 2002, in the United States. She is currently 20 years old. She has gained popularity as the daughter of the famous American rapper Eminem. But Eminem has never mentioned her in her songs directly. The relationship between Whitney Scott Mathers and Eminem is very complicated. 

Is Eminem the biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers?

Whitney Scott Mathers is not the real daughter of Eminem. Eminem is not her biological father. She was adopted by Eminem. The real parents of Whitney Scott Mathers are Kim Scott and Eric Hartter. Eminem legally adopted Whitney in 2005. Since then she has been living with Eminem. 

The foul-mouthed rapper is portrayed as a man with no heart. But he has proved that a blood relation does not matter. Whitney Scott Matters is the adopted daughter of Eminem. But she has been living happily with him even after her mother got divorced from Eminem. 

When did Eminem adopt Whitney Scott Mathers?

Eminem and Kim Scott met when they were teenagers. Kim was 13 years old and Eminem was 15 at the time. Both of them entered into a relationship. On December 25, 1995, they welcomed their first daughter Hailie Jade. Later in 1999, they both got married. 

Eminem’s career was boosted but all this fame created complications in their relationship. In 2001, they parted ways and got divorced. 

Kim Scott started dating Eric Hartter who was a tattoo artist. They welcomed their daughter named Whitney Scott Mathers to this world in 2002.

Eminem adopted Whitney Scott in 2005. He adopted her because she was not having a good childhood with her biological parents.  

Whereas at the same time Kim and Eminem were in each other’s lives because they were raising their children together.

Eventually, they both reconciled. Later on January 14, 2006, they got married again. But the marriage did not last long. They got divorced again in April 2006. They agreed to share joint custody of their children. 

Why did Eminem adopt Whitney Scott Mathers?

As already told Whitney Scott was not having a good childhood with her biological parents. Her father Eric Hartter was running with the laws. Whereas her mother Kim Scott was struggling with her drug addiction and legal troubles. She was having a troubled childhood. Her parents were not available for her all the time. They were prioritizing their problems over Whitney. 

As a child, Whitney had not spent much time with her real father. He was involved in criminal activities and spent most of his time behind the bars. Her mother was a drug addict. Later there were financial problems and both the parents were not able to raise Whitney Scott Mather properly. 

This is when Eminem decided to adopt her. Eminem wanted to make her future bright. He himself had a bad childhood. He did not want her to suffer from this. So he adopted her in 2005. Since then Eminem has the legal custody of Whitney. 

Siblings of Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers has three siblings. She has two sisters and one brother. She is the youngest among the sisters. . Her oldest sister is named Alaina Marie Mathers. She was born on May 3, 1993, and was also adopted by Eminem. She was the daughter of Kim’s twin sister. Kim’s sister was a drug addict. It was also not known who was the father of Alaina. So, Eminem adopted Alaina. 

The middle sister is named Hailie Jade. The biological parents of Hailie are Eminem and Kim Scott. She was born in 1995.

Her youngest sibling is her brother and his name is Parker Scott. He is her half-brother. He was the biological son of Kim Scott. Nothing about his father is known. He is not related to Eminem in any way. 

Whitney Scott Mathers Changed Her Name

Whitney Scott Mathers changed her name to Stevie Laine in 2020. She announced on her Instagram back in 2017 that she is bisexual and she said that they are non-binary and prefer to use all pronouns he/they/she. 

She shared a video on TikTok that she is non-binary and now goes by the name Stevie Laine and she announced in the same video that she is genderfluid and will accept all pronouns.

Is Whitney Scott Mathers dating anyone?

The answer to this question is Yes. She is in a relationship with a person named Jace. First, she shared a picture with him on Instagram. Later she posted a video on Tiktok which confirmed her relationship with Jace.

Someone commented on her Tiktok video that is he your boyfriend. To which she replied, “He is!!” 

Where does Whitney Scott Mathers live now?

Whitney Scott has lived with Eminem since he adopted her. Whitney was more attached to him than her biological parents. She did not spend any time with her biological father because he was in jail most of the time. 

She lives with Eminem and her sisters Haile and Alaina.

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