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Wordle Today – Answer to All Your Questions and Today’s Wordle

by Soban
Wordle Today

You might be here in search of Wordle today. You can get all the hints for today’s wordle and try to get the right answer by yourself. But if you are not able to guess right you can also see the answer. 

Some of you might not know what is Wordle. A brief explanation of the Wordle game is also provided for your ease. You will get doubts clear about What is this game?, What are the tactics to get the right word? and What is Wordle today?

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online web-based game. It has been owned by The New York Times since 2022. In this game, you have to guess the right word. The game refreshes every day at midnight. You have 24 hours to guess one word. After that, the word changes.

It is a simple game that you can play on your mobile,pc, or tablet. If you want some break from your work and refresh your mind you can play this game. This is not very time-consuming. You just have to do a little bit of brainstorming. 

Wordle is just like a small puzzle. You must have watched the popular game show from the 1980s named Lingo. Wordle resembles the game show Lingo.

Rules of Wordle 

In this online puzzle game, you get only 1 try per day. In this one try you get to guess the word 6 times…

The length of all the words is the same. The word consists of 5 five alphabets. You have five chances. When you type your word and press enter the colors of the alphabet change.

In this game, If the color of some alphabet is green this means that that alphabet is present in the wordle puzzle and is in the correct position. 

When the color of some alphabet changes to yellow this means that the alphabet is present in the correct word but is in the wrong place.

If the color of the alphabet changes to gray this means that the alphabet is not present in the original word.

The word that you enter should be correct. If you enter an incorrect word it will tell you. For example, you cannot type EEEEE to see if E is present in the word. It should be a proper word.

After your 6 chances if you do not get the correct word the website will show you the correct word.

Tactics to Play Wordle

If you want to play properly you just have to be attentive. You need to show keen observation. 

You should not repeat the alphabets that came out to be completely wrong in your first attempt. This means that the alphabets are gray.

If you get a yellow alphabet, in your next attempt change its place. Do not rewrite that alphabet in the same position.

If you get a green alphabet, always write the same alphabet at that position.

If you cannot do the brainstorming at the moment you simply go to sites that regularly publish Wordle Today. You can get hints from these websites or you can also see the answer directly.

Hints for Wordle Today Answer: 24 June 2022

The hints for Wordle Today is that today’s word is related to hitting or striking. Today’s word is also the name of a video game.

This word is often referred to as a very powerful entity. 

If you can still not guess the word, nothing to worry about. We will give you more hints.

The word starts with the alphabet S and ends with E.

The alphabets T, M, and I are yellow alphabets. They are present in the Wordle Today but have to guess their position.

what is the wordle word today

All the hints and tactics to play Wordle, you must have got the right answer. But if you were not able to figure out the word you can still get the answer.

The answer to Wordle today is “Smite”. This is the answer to Wordle#370. 

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